Some of Our Very Happy Clients

  • Why They Converted

    Web Design, Logo Design, Social Media Integration

    The 'Why Network' a Christian Organisation needed a website that could collate testimonies from Christians all across the world. We delivered.

    Why They Converted was a technically advanced site as it required custom coded modules that allowed for anyone across the world to upload their story or video to the site. Social Media Integration was also required with a Twitter feed and Facebook and Vimeo activity.

    The site also needed to be cross-cultural in its colour and design.

    Outcomes: the site was a huge success with new stories and videos being added daily. The 'Why Network' were very happy with the look and feel of the site and with the ease of its use.

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  • Eagle Point Cottages

    Web Design, Branding, Logo Design, Signage, Flyer Design, SEO

    Eagle Point Cottages was a brand new business when they came to us. They needed a logo, overall branding and colour scheming, a website, signage and advertising flyers.

    Released researched their niche (boutique accommodation) to create branding that would appeal to their target market and be an easy selling point. The final outcome is bold but subtle, with a hint of an upmarket nose whilst remaining down-to-earth and accessible to all.

    Eagle Point Cottages were especially happy with the strength of the design of their logo.

    Outcomes: Eagle Point Cottages were very excited with the outcome of their branding. Their logo and branding scheme work together to create a powerful allure to those seeking their niche market.

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  • Camp Coolamatong

    Website Design, Logo Design, Branding, Flyer Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing

    Camp Coolamatong, a Not-for-profit school camping organisation approached us to develop a website for their Campsite.

    They were so impressed with our work and client relationship that they ordered an entire re-branding of their business - from logos to advertising, another 2 websites, flyers and a range of other design and communication requirements.

    Outcome: a very happy client with a very successful website. Their biggest success was in the increase of traffic to their website and subsequent bookings and intern applications.

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  • LifeCity Church

    Website Design, Branding, Banner Design, Flyer Design, SEO, SEM

    LifeCity Church was a brand new church plant in Canberra, the national capital. They needed a website that would attract and appeal to young adults and teenagers, whilst still being able to be used by older generations. The end result is loved by everyone who visits it.

    The needed a major Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and the website was built with this in mind. Their SEO results have been spectacular.

    LifeCity have told us that they constantly have feedback from their visitors about how easy the website was to use use and find the information they were looking for. A great User Interface win.

    Outcomes: LifeCity Church have had enormous success with their Search Engine Optimisation mission and have new people arrive at their church weekly due to their prominence in search results.

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